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Cerebral Palsy At Birth

Cerebral Palsy at birth It’s one of the biggest fears for parents. For those who don’t know, Cerebral Palsy is considered an abnormality of motor function and postural tone and the most common symptoms appears at the first year of life, when you’re just a little baby.
Cerebral Palsy is the result of brain lesions and it affects one oto three of all children born in the world, being much higher in premature babies.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms:
-          Abnormal Muscle Tone
-          Abnormal reflexes and motor development
-          Bones deformity
-          Involuntary movements such as spasticies and spasms
-          Problems with balance
-          Scissor walking
-          Speech and language disorders
-          Pain and sleep disorders

Cerebral Palsy Treatments:
Despiste the fact that most of causes of cerebral palsy don’t have a specific treatment there are some medical  problems that can be treated or prevented .
-          Phsiotherapy Programas
-          Occupational Therapy
-          Speech Therapy
-          Conductive Education
-          Biofeedback
-          Massage Therapy
-          Surgery
-          Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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